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Online Workflow System (OWS)

Web Based Submission, Review and Management System

The Online Workflow System, OWS, is a web based, submission, review and management solution designed to streamline and ease the task of collecting, reviewing and accepting items for publication.

OWS is a completely customized system that is trained on your current workflow. OWS provides the ability to understand the status of your publications in real-time. Notifications and reminders via email as well as distributed and collaborative review capabilities are a few of the many valuable time saving features in OWS.

Access to the system is achieved through standard web pages minimizing user requirements. Hierarchical authentication schemes allow for rights management to occur at various levels, (i.e. authors, reviewers, administrators, committee members, etc).

Items collected through OWS include: papers, abstracts, presentations, posters, video and audio files. The items along with their associated meta-data are stored and prepared for publishing in both electronic, (CD, DVD or Web), and print form. The use and validation of templates to ensure the proper formatting of documents can be achieved through OWS.

OWS is a hosted, secure solution requiring no infrastructure investment or administrative support to the customer. An OWS site is constructed to mimic the customers existing site as to reduce user apprehension and confusion. The servers operate with full redundancy across broadband lines 24x7.